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Northwest Anhui Province is located in the booming political, economic and cultural center - Fuyang City, Anhui the Jincai cattle Industrial Group, the businesses located real estate development, hardware, decoration, decoration, hotel services, tourism and other private enterprise group, exempted Lok Fortune Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Buckingham Palace Hotel Co., Ltd., and Lok Fortune decorative interior design company, music rich and strong property management company, Anhui Phoenix Vehicle Industry Sales Co., Ltd., West Lake Leisure Resort and Buckingham Palace travel agency limited liability companies and other enterprises in Anhui With nearly 1,000 employees and fixed assets of 180 million yuan, with annual sales of more than 7,000 yuan, and paid taxes of more than 500 million. Reasonable industrial structure, the management system is complete. Anhui Province scale private enterprise group with development potential. The Jincai cattle Industrial Group Chairman Mr. Liu Shiqiang served as vice president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Fuyang City, Municipal People's Congress, Municipal CPPCC members.
In the establishment of a modern enterprise system, the the Jincai cattle Industrial Group effective exploration, cultivate and foster a unity, pragmatic, pioneering and progressive contingent of cadres, dedication, rigorous and pragmatic work atmosphere. Group Corporation the pillar enterprises - Fortune Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. in music, since its establishment to attach great importance to the development projects of the company's external image and marketing strategy, based in Fuyang, the whole country. Customer oriented company successfully developed the Buckingham Palace Hotel of sanligang villas, Qinghe Road East real estate "New World" residential and other projects; development of more than 100 thousand square meters of building area, works 100% pass rate, excellent rate of more than 80%, now leading enterprises Fuyang real estate. Achieved good economic and social benefits. Other members of the company are also varying degrees of operation, the real estate market in Fuyang City, commerce and the development and operation of the market for services has made outstanding contributions.
When you wander in Fucheng Avenue, or nostalgia in Fuyang of Yingzhou road and Qinghe Road, you'll see high-rise buildings in of Chlamys times Lin Group, another pillar of enterprises - the shadow of Buckingham Palace Hotel. Five years of opening more than Buckingham Palace Hotel with its operation and management of the productive, with industry felt it forward Tun tone become the Fuyang Wanbei earth a hotel "wonderful". Northwest Anhui Buckingham Palace Hotel has now become only a four-star hotel, Hotel pursue the "guests first, service first" purpose, adhere to pursue people-oriented, service with a smile, the implementation of quality services, domestic and foreign businessmen, recreational tourist groups an ideal place.
The Group's development is inseparable from the Party's policies and the government's support, it is the country, the party and the people's government has given us the opportunity to show their talents, so we do everything possible to return to the community, the benefit with the people. Actively involved in charity and public welfare, and promotion of the rich source, lives of the poor, the development of enterprises, contribute to the community spirit, a dedication of love. Repair invested 50,000 yuan for the surrounding residents a convenient road; donated 300,000 yuan to the Hope Project in succession; Ninth Peasant Games sponsorship of 50,000 yuan; enterprise development process, to respond positively to the call of the municipal government re-employment project, the initiative from the social to absorb laid-off workers, and first of all to consider the acceptance of the financial difficulties of laid-off workers, so that they have a more stable source of revenue to solve the problem of reemployment, has received a total of nearly 200 laid-off workers and send rice to send to face their condolences; not forget to soldiers and civilians close as fish, do a good job in the Army and the People donated money and goods to support military construction in August during the fire brigade, traffic police detachment of police officers sent condolences and heatstroke items, this series of events to send The kindness of one of the Group's employees, in return people to the party, and the gratitude of the socialist system, these love a powerful incentive for the employees' sense of social responsibility, formed within the enterprise to make up a good habit.

Group spirit of "people-oriented, science and technology enterprise, integrity and pragmatic, the benefit of the community" spirit of enterprise, and when a Progressive, innovation and optimize the industrial structure, and dedication to quality service and social friends from all walks of life to seek common development, create brilliant! 


Segecoa (Zambia) Golden Peacock Hotel is invested and built by Anhui Foreign Economic Construction(Group) Co. Ltd (AFECC). It is a five star standard hotel with Accommodation, Chinese restaurant, western restaurant, conference hall, Thai SPA, swimming pool, coffee bar and other facilities.

Add:PIot No 402-A,Kasangula Road Roma Area,Lusaka

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